The Jacobs Study for Globalization and China forms a competence center which is based on interdisciplinary expertise. Researchers from different academic backgrounds, ranging from economics, management and political sciences to history and sociology, collaborate with one another. This is necessary since the complexities of our currently changing world order can’t possibly be grasped from one disciplinary perspective.

 Our center will not only work on China but also with China. In addition to joint research projects and conferences, the institute will foster Sino-German faculty exchanges in a variety of fields. Moreover, transnational graduate education programs and international student projects will be actively supported.

Building bridges with leading Chinese institutions is an important step which many universities have neglected for long. Only through transnational collaboration will it be possible to engage in dialogues with Chinese opinion-makers and decision-takers whose worldviews have increasing impact on other world regions, including Europe. As an English-speaking private university, Jacobs University is uniquely equipped to serve as a major academic intersection with China