On May 4, this very historical Chinese date, we were happy to assemble a round of experts for a public Panel Discussion on: “The Rise of China in the Knowledge Sector. Education and Innovation in the 21st Century”.

From left to right; Dominic Sachsenmaier, Christoph Lattemann, Yan Jin, Bai Gao, Kent Deng.

The panelists, consisting of Dominic Sachsenmaier, Christoph Lattemann (both Jacobs University Bremen), Kent Deng (London School of Economics), Bai Gao (Duke University & Sichuan Jiaotong University) and Yan Jin (Fudan University Shanghai), discussed issues related to the current rise of China within academic and research circles.

Prof. Yan Jin lectures on the growing importance of international academic exchange.
The audience engaged in the discussion.

Not only the Chinese top-universities are visible signs of this rise, the growing importance of basic research performed in China shows that China aspires to become one of the leading nations within the academic sphere.

While all panelists agreed on this point, nevertheless various questions and comments related to the importance of economic, social and political factors for this development were raised.


The short initial statements were followed by a lively discussion among the experts in which the audience engaged as well with interesting statements and opinions from different disciplinary backgrounds.

During the consequent reception experts and audience got the chance to further the discussions.



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