Affiliated/Former Scholars


  Prof. Dr. Jia Liu
Professor of Finance
  Prof. Dr. Yuping Du
Professor of International Business
Prof. Dr. Yipeng Liu
Professor of Entrepreneurship & Local Economy
  Prof. Dr. Xi Fengming 
Professor of Environmental Economic
Prof. William Wei 
Professor of International Business
Liu Wenming Prof. Dr. Liu Wenming
Professor of History
Weihua He Prof. Dr. Weihua He
Professor of History
Telephone: +49 421 200-3043
Fax: +49 421 200-3303
Office: Research IV, Room 101
Bai Gao Prof. Dr. Bai Gao
Professor of Sociology
Kent Deng Prof. Dr. Kent Deng
Professor of Economics and Politics
Telephone: +44 207 955 6163
Yan Jin Prof. Dr. Yan Jin
Professor of History
Telephone: 86-21-65642717
Office: 2003 Guanghua Tower West
Hoffmann Prof. Dr. Rainer Hoffmann
Professor of Political Science and Modern History
Telephone: 004144 3622907
Office: Research IV, room 99
Prof. Dr. Selcuk Esenbel
Professor of History
 Prof. Dr. Sun Yue
Professor of History
Telephone: +49 421 200-3391
Fax: +49 421 200-3303
Office: Research IV, Room 100 b
Prof. Dr. Dominic Sachsenmaier
Professor of Modern Asian History
Telephone: +49 421 200-3382
Fax: +49 421 200-3303
Office: Research IV, Room 98